The Medistance Connect mobile app allows you to control your or your family’s health based on real-time, clinically validated health data.

Synchronise your health data with your smartphone

Synchronise your health data with your smart devices

Provide access to your health data in the Apple Health app

Synchronise your data with OMRON Connect, Vitadock+ or Apple Health

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Sign up and share your data through the Apple Health app

All data in one place

Enjoy the continuous monitoring of your and your family’s health risks with our state-of-the-art interactive telemedicine service.

Extensive integration

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and try out the full version with a 30 day trial period

The app is compatible with iPhone 6S and newer devices or from iOS 13 and newer.

User Reviews

“With Medistance, my health is under constant control. I can check my condition, save my results, which reassures me. The service itself is running smoothly and reliably.”

Balázs L.

“Unfortunately I struggle with obesity and high blood pressure. With the help of Medistance I record my measurement data so I can keep track of my health. I live a more conscious life since the day I started using the service.”

Csatári L.

“Medistance has brought more security, reliability and efficiency to my practice. With the system’s procedures, I can now schedule my activities and resources, which was previously impossible.”

Dr. Ambrus A.

“We can remotely manage patients, even monitor our elderly patient’s critical health values daily and we can also contact the competent persons, healthcare professionals and relatives to share that information.”

Kereszthegyi A.