Responsible solutions, expectable from the market leader in the field of data security and validation (healthcare, data security, data transfer and health data)

Medicare supports the value of innovation and authenticity also in respect of data security and data validation.

In course of health data management Medistance pays continuous and increased attention to data security; it provides solution for the destruction and liquidation, alteration, damage or getting published of the data. Mobile data transmission is encrypted is several steps. Organization of information related to care and preparation of decisions is realized in closed chain and access as per the eligibility.

The measurement data in the data transmission system is fully anonymous; it is transmitted in an encrypted, closed chain with multiple protections.

Validated peripheries and process elements defined at professional, medical bases (healthcare, data security, data transmission, health data)

The peripheries, the optimized process model and the participants of the system mean guarantee for data validation. The process of the system and its module controlling preparation of the decisions are composed of process elements defined on professional basis; the individual units can organize their operations along their own action strategy and based on the measurement results the performance indices are logged and documented continuously in the integrated praxis unit.

The system prepares decision for each participant, added with traceable, quality health process steps, calculated on the basis of analyzing algorithms with simulation comparisons and offers the next, most appropriate caring steps.